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Hi, I'm ColonelXB, or Martin if you want to be picky.

This is home to the written version of Second Chance Cinema, both written reviews of movies featured in the video series and other reviews that don't necessarily fit the video series theme.

I also make videos on YouTube, all of which will be featured on here. They range from film reviews, lists and essays (probably mostly horror but not entirely), video game playthroughs (featuring my, hehe, extraordinary voice-acting range where needed), and some silly wrestling edits, including the surreal "That's Gotta Be Kane!" animated sitcom shorts. As well as videos, any photos I take and decide are worth inflicting on the world will be on here, including anything I put on Instagram.

Generally, I keep things pretty superchill, with the occasional rant.

Come in and hang out for a while, you might enjoy it*.

P.S. The big blue rose (and former channel name) are in reference to Twin Peaks, if you were wondering.

*Enjoyment not guaranteed.

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