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That's Gotta Be Kane! - A Production Timeline

Some folks out there may (or may not) wonder how an episode of That's Gotta Be Kane! is made. Well, for anyone that is, here you go.


Listen to the Cultaholic Classic Smackdown Review. Be thoroughly entertained. If Maffew and Tom do a That's Gotta Be Kane bit, think "awesome, they're still doing it and are apparently not sick of me yet". Be excited at the prospect of doing a new episode based on whatever they come up with. Now, the thing to remember with this part is that is always awesome. Sometimes, like with the first one ("Steamed Hams But With Undertaker And Kane And They're Both Played By Maffew"), it's been literally just a case of finding some Simpsons footage and synchronising it to the audio, putting the appropriate wrestlers faces over the characters, and sometimes blocking part of the scenery off (such as overlaying a section of wall and door frame when a character goes through a door). Other times, like "Kane Goes To The Movies", it's a storyline that I build the episode to fit.

Either way is both fun and challenging - either I have a really specific story with the challenge being to find clips to fit, or I have a lot more freedom to be creative but have a lot more to creating to do. Both ways = super cool.


Do little. Maybe think about footage, maybe isolated the audio from the Review.


See Wednesday


Panic. Doubt the usefulness of any footage considered on Wednesday or Thursday. Begin collecting some footage, then wondering if it's actually worth using, or will make a long enough episode. Make the episode title, wondering if it's a strong enough pun (when it is one), put the title along with the written by credit into the timeline on Premiere Pro. The "written by" credit goes to whichever of the guys came up with the bit on the Review, although any contribution warrants a writing credit. I didn't do one for the first episode, which obviously would have gone to Maffew. "Kane Goes To The Movies" was credited to Tom, while I've credited them both on all the others. I gave myself one on "Un Kane Andalou", as the bits on the Review were so rapid-fire, I went surrealist bonkers and felt I'd made up so much nonsense I should take some of the blame.


Get serious. Start compiling audio clips. The proper editing starts here. All new assets and models are added to the .proj, along with anything existing, and of course any Simpsons footage I'm using. Then begins the task of trimming the footage to fit the dialogue, and putting the faces/models in. I tend to let the keyframes handle the positioning and movement of the faces, as it tends to be pretty reliable, but sometimes I do go fully frame-by-frame. The RC Edge Maximum Power Cola commercial in "Kane Goes To The Movies" was the first time I did that. Speaking of which, adverts, signs, and movie/TV credits are among my favourite things to do, so I fit them in where ever I can. I've also got a bank of prop items that go wherever they'll fit, or wherever there's something similarly sized/shaped I can cover. Things like RC Edge cans, Big Boss Man's Chocolate Dogs boxes, and the cartons of Oat Milk and "O" Milk. I also like to put a 1999 British Bulldog picture in a shot when I can, as he's the original Classic Smackdown Review meme, predating even "Test Is Crap At Things"/"Steeeeeeph...".


Decide the episode is complete (usually late into the evening). Upload it to YouTube, scheduled for some time on Monday. Watch it at least 7 times, deleting it from YouTube, tweaking it, re-uploading and scheduling it, then wondering if I should check it one last time...


The episode goes live. Tweet about it, tagging Tom and Maffew and hoping they're not getting bugged by it yet. Tell yourself not to look at the views, but do it anyway and wonder why it's going so slowly compared to the others. Remind yourself it's not been on YT anything like as long, and you can't compare it to the first one as that has the power of Steamed Hams.

Some other point in the week

Post another Tweet in case anyone missed the first (seriously, what's the best time to do it?), and worry a bit about whether it's okay to @ Tom and Maffew again, and/or if there's a limit to the number of times you can @ someone about something.

Well, that's it, put as concisely and sanely as I can. If you've read all this, I hope you enjoy/still are enjoying That's Gotta Be Kane. I'll carry on doing them as long as the guys come up with Kane jokes, or until they get sick of me doing them. If you've not watched Second Chance Cinema yet, why not give it a go?

Thanks for reading,



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